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The Cons Of Using Free Logo Design Templates

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In today’s cutthroat competitive business environment, brand image and brand identity are crucial for customer attraction and retention. Statistics have consistently shown that having a well-designed, memorable logo can go a long way towards maintaining your brand image and brand identity. When looking to design a logo for your online business, there are two options to contemplate; you can solicit the services of an expert logo designer to create a professional logo for you or choose a free logo design template. If you lack logo design skills, and you don’t want to blow your budget to hire an expert logo designer, then free logo design template is the straightforward choice. However, business name generator, come with their own set of advantages. 

1.    Free logo design templates don’t produce unique logos

In this day and age where the internet is littered with online businesses, the chances are that the logo you create may not be unique, more so if you’re using a free logo design template. The fact that the templates are free means many online businesses have used over and over them to create their logos. That means that if you use the same template, you won’t get a unique logo and customers may view your online business as just another business. A unique logo will draw customers to your business because they will want to know the quality of products and services you offer. And that’s where you get the opportunity to grab and retain them.

2.    Free logo design templates offer little customization options

Once your logo is ready, you will need to customize it to reflect your brand, customers and products and services. Most free logo design templates offer little or no customization options, and this makes it hard to get the kind of logo that resonates with your business. There is nothing as annoying as implementing something that you’re not satisfied with. You can modify the free logo template, but that requires extraordinary skills. So instead of limiting yourself to free logo designs that offer little customization options, why not go for a custom design logo. It might be expensive initially, but the result will be well worth it.

3. Free logo design templates have issues of safety

Some free logo design websites do not take security seriously, and so hackers and scammers flock them to scam unsuspecting clients. Therefore, downloading logo templates from such websites can put your device at risk of viruses and spyware. And some of these websites may ask for your email address to sign in, putting you in grave danger. Scammers can send spam links through your email, and when you click them, your private information can be harnessed from your device. Some free logo design websites even steal other websites ideas, and if you use the templates, you could run into copyright issues.

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4. Quality levels of logos designed using free logo design templates differ from professionally designed logos

This is a no-brainer. A logo created using a free logo design template cannot match one that is created by a professional logo designer regarding quality. The reason is that a professional logo designer has extensive experience and expertise creating high-quality logos, and so, the final result will be unique and quality. In other words, a template cannot beat the work done by a professional.

5. Free logo design templates can be costly in the long run

While creating your business logo using a free template is free, it will be costly in the long run. This kind of logo will not be memorable, which means customers will not return to buy from you. In the end, you will not have customers, and you may be forced to close shop.


It’s a good idea to be aware of both the upsides and downsides to using free logo design templates to create your logo and hiring a professional logo designer to do the same. It will help you make a good decision for the long-term prosperity of your business.