Free Business Name Generators

Although it may seem as every part of starting a business is difficult and stressful, probably nothing comes as close as the stress of choosing the business name. Unlike most aspects of a business, the name is something that cannot be changed down the line and is something that needs to represent your business in the best light possible from the get go. When it comes to choosing the best name what you need are a lot of different name options and the best way to get that is by using a good free business name generator, which exactly what we will be showing you today in this article.


If you are looking for a name that is a bit more general, or you simply want to get names that would even suit other types of businesses, then this is a great option for you because it is a name generator that isn’t nearly as targeted as most of them are. There are over 7 million different potential names that you will be able to choose from and, probably the only drawback is, you will have to go through all of them yourself, or at least until you find something you like. All you have to do is keep on pressing the “Get Name” button until the generator gives you a business name idea that really catches your eye.

Name Mesh

 The only thing that you need to do in order to get this generator to throw out some great names for you to use is to type in some keywords that you think are relevant to your business and the tool will do all the work. The recommended business names will be separated in a few different categories, such as common, new, fun, similar and so on and the point of this it that all of these categories are supposed to help you find the perfect name much more easily. Another great feature is the “Hide Registered” box that you can click which means that all of the names you will be seeing will be ones that are actually available for you to use. Probably the best thing is that all of the names are pretty reasonably priced.

Brand Bucket

If a unique brand name is what you are after, then Brand Bucket is one of the best places for you to go to when naming your own business. However, you do need to keep in mind that the names here come with a pretty hefty price, some of them going over $1000, but if there is something that you can be absolutely sure about is the fact that your business name will be completely unique, one word and totally catchy. Another great bonus is that every business name comes with a great and professional looking logo that you can get any modifications on if you want to, all included in the price.

With different prices and different quality of the names that they can provide you with, every free business name generator has something different to offer. It is up to you to decide which one is the perfect one for you and which one you think will be able to provide you with the perfect name, and we definitely suggest that you start with the options that we have provided above.


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